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Everyday Documents creates and shares templates, articles and tools. Useful for businesses, employees, students and the everyday creator.

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All of our templates are based on the default documents provided by Microsoft Office, with minimal formatting and no macro automation. All templates are created and hosted by Everyday Documents, secured using Bitdefender.

All of our tools run on your device (no server uploads are necessary). We do not upload or store any of your data to Everyday Document servers.

We do our best to provide safe and secure templates & tools.

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About Me

Having worked as a project manager for the last 15 years, I use a range of business documents on a day to day basis. I've learnt that a good template can prompt input, provide consistency and save a great deal of time. I've also learnt that having a wide range of useful tools can help simplify, streamline & optimise tasks.

After starting the Everyday Documents YouTube channel several years ago, this website builds on our mission by hosting lots of useful tools & templates in one place, accompanied by in-depth articles on a range of relevant topics.

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Free Tools


Transparent Image

Convert images to transparent (RGB to RGBA). Useful for creating transparent digital signatures.


Crossword Generator

Free crossword generator, using a list of words and clues to generate unique designs.


Hammer Financial Budget

Calculate your Hammer Financial Budget based on your debt, income, debt repayments, needs and wants.


Hammer Financial Score

Calculate your Hammer Financial score based on your spending, debt, retirement, emergency and real estate performance.


Color Palette Builder

Build beautiful color combinations, or browse existing palettes. Quickly create color palettes for Microsoft Office.


Black Screen

Make your screen black while casting/streaming videos to Chromecast.

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